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Dalhousie: A Summer Retreat

Dalhousie: A Summer Retreat

Dalhousie is one of the most pristine hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, and has been a popular summer retreat since it was established in 1854 by the British. Perched at an elevation of 1,970 meters above sea level, the town is a combination of neatly planned streets and colonial era architecture set amidst lush green surroundings and snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

Visit Khajjiar, a small hill town located a short distance from Dalhousie. Surrounded by thick covers of deodar and pine trees, other attractions here are the scenic Khajjiar Lake and the 12-century Khajji Nag Temple. You can also trek to the Kalatop Wildlife Reserve which is home to gorgeous fauna such as  the Himalayan black bear, pheasants and Himalayan black marten or take a trip to the ancient town of Chamba.

Another fun thing to do in Dalhousie is camping at Dainkund Peak. Located at an altitude of 2,745 meters above sea level, Dainkund Peak is often termed as the singing hill. However, the top of the hill is occupied by the Indian Air Force and is inaccessible without proper permits. You can also go for a one hour picturesque trek to Ganji Pahari – the place provides some of the most amazing views of the surrounds and the freshest of air.

For some architectural brilliance – remember to check out St. Francis Church with its intricate wooden roof, colourful Belgium glass and stone structure that lend it with an irresistible charm. If you wish to spend some quiet time with your loved ones, head to Chamera Lake – though an artificial lake, Chamera is a sight to behold. Located on the outskirts of Dalhousie, this place has the perfect climate all year around. They offer boat rides and shikara as well as water sports such as rowing incase you want a streak of adventure.

There’s something interesting called the Garam Sadak in Dalhousie. It gets its unique name due to the fact that it remains relatively hotter because it receives direct sunlight. It is a pedestrian road connecting two important centre towns – Gandhi Chowk and Subhash Chowk – and is the perfect way to discover Dalhousie. There are many shops and restaurants lined up on the path where travellers can refuel. Close to Dalhousie, there’s Subhash Baoli –  a hill station primarily steeped in history. This is where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose spent seven months to cure his ailing health in the year 1937. Its connection with the late freedom fighter has led to its current name, and is a great escape from Dalhousie if you have some extra time.