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Crystal Clear Water Of Dawki River In Meghalaya Viral On Social Media

Crystal Clear Water Of Dawki River In Meghalaya Viral On Social Media

In today's time, the rivers are very polluted but Meghalaya is one such river in the state which has got the tag of the cleanest river. When you ride a boat in the river, it seems as if the boat is moving on glass. The name of this river is Umangot, but it is famous by the name Douki.

In fact, after the tourists shared pictures of this river, the river began to be discussed on social media. People are eager to know which river is this. The river passes through Moylannong, the cleanest village in Asia, near the Indo-Bangladesh border, and passes through the Jaintia and Khasi Hills before flowing into Bangladesh.

It can be clearly seen in the pictures that this river is so clean that the boat can be seen floating on top of very clear water. Also pebbles and stones found inside the river can also be seen.

In 2003, Moylonnong was granted the status of Gods on Garden. Apart from cleaning the river here, another thing that attracts everyone's attention is that there is 100 percent literacy here.

Here the rays of the sun falling in the river with the chirping of birds are very relaxing and gives a feeling of a natural environment. There is such a good atmosphere here that the sound of water can be heard comfortably. The weather from November to April is the best time to visit here.

The interesting thing is that a large number of fish are also found in this river. In winter, it becomes more beautiful and clean, all the tourists coming here are told not to spread any kind of dirt, if they do, action is taken against them.

The beauty of this Douki River has been revealed through a recent video on the Instagram page of India Travel Life. It has been told that this place is not the beauty of Thailand or Bali, but the beauty of India, it is Meghalaya and it is the river here.

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