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Coldest Place: 10 Coldest Places In The World, Where People Drink Water By Melting Ice

Coldest Place: 10 Coldest Places In The World, Where People Drink Water By Melting Ice

What happens when mercury falls below 15-20 degrees Celsius in India, people start shivering in the cold. Here 2-3 degree Celsius temperature means cold winter. While there are many places in the world, where the coldest place on earth falls, people melt the ice even for drinking water. Despite this, people have learned to mold and live in such an environment. Let us tell you about the 10 coldest places in the world today.

1. Ulaanbaatar Mongolia- Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is one of the coldest areas in the world. The temperature here never goes above -16 ° C. About half of Mongolia's population lives in Ulaanbaatar. Tourists come from far and wide to see the famous religious places and museums here.

2. Vostok Weather Station, Antarctica - This research station in Russia, located in Antarctica, is one of the coldest places in the world. On 21 July 1983, the temperature here went up to -89.2 degree Celsius. Even in the summer season, there is not much change in the situation here. Even then, the temperature remains at about -32 degree temperature.

3. Mount Denali, Alaska - Mount Denali, 6,190 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in North America. In the year 2003, the temperature here was -83 degree Celsius. The peak of this mountain is covered with snow and glacier 12 months of the year.

4. Verkhoyansk, Russia - Verkhoyansk is also one of the coldest places in northern Russia. The average temperature here is -48 ° C in January. Generally mercury remains below zero between October and April. There is some relief in the summer season, when the mercury is near about 30 degrees Celsius.

5. International Falls, Minnesota, USA- International Falls is the coldest place in Minnesota (United States). Due to its minimum temperature, this place has also won the title of 'Icebox of the Nation'. International Falls hosted the Icebox Festival, with titles such as Frozen Turkey Bowling, Snow Sculpting (Ice sculptures) and Fireworks

6. Fraser, Colorado (US) - There are 1,275 people living at a place named Fraser, located 2,613 meters above sea level. The average temperature here is 3 ° C. Fraser has finished second in the title fight for 'Icebox of the Nation'.

7. Snag, UConn (Canada) - Snag, a small village in North America, is also famous for its temperature. In 1947, the temperature here was -63.9 ° C. UConn is the least populous province in Canada, where about 36,000 people live.

8. Oymayakon, Russia - Oyemayakon village with a population of 500 people is one of the coldest places on earth. The temperature here falls to -71.2 ° C.

9. East Antarctica Platte - East Antarctica Platte is considered the coldest place in the world. The temperature has been recorded up to -100 degree Celsius here.

10. Logan Pass, Montana (United States) - Logan Pass, situated at an altitude of 5,610 meters above sea level, has a temperature of 6 ° C in summer. In 1954, the temperature here has been recorded as -56 degree Celsius. Between October and April, there is very less possibility of temperature rise here.

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