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Chamera Lake An Artificial Lake In Dalhousie

Chamera Lake An Artificial Lake In Dalhousie

Dalhousie has a collection of some of the most beautiful and rich natural splendors and the Chamera Lake, in the Chamba district, is one of such attraction, which almost every tourist love to visit in Dalhousie. Located at a distance of 25 km from Dalhousie, the exquisite Chamera Lake is actually a reservoir formed by the Chamera Dam, which is positioned at an altitude of 1700 meters. This popular tourist spot of Himachal Pradesh is loved by every tourist and is visited most often. It is a major source of water supply for the villagers and is continuously fed by the Ravi River.

The Chamera is an artificial lake, which is surrounded by beautiful green trees and exquisite valleys. It gives way to various water sports activities such as boat riding and fishing and is a part of the Chamera Hydroelectric project that is built over the Ravi River. This lake is located at an altitude of 763 meters above the sea surface and can be accessed from the Chamba district, which is only 25 to 35 km from the main market of Dalhousie. The lake offers irrigation facilities to the villagers, who live in and around the Chamera Lake area. Anyone visiting the Chamba Valley or Dalhousie must visit this spectacular lake, which is surrounded by so many beautiful pine trees and lustrous valleys.

To encourage water sports activities on the lake, a water sports sub-center is set up by the Himachal Pradesh Department of Tourism nearby the lake. The location of this lake is favorable as it can be easily reached from Dalhousie, Chamba, and Pathankot which are 25 km, 40 km, and 100 km away from the lake respectively. The Chamera Lake can be visited throughout the year, but if you really want to enjoy the snow-white surroundings of the lake, then do visit it in winter.

Important Facts
The unique feature of the region is the fluctuating day and night temperature, which rises up to 35C Centigrade during the day and drops to a minimum of 18 Centigrade at night. Also, the absence of aquatic life in the lake has made it an ideal location for water sports