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Bahu Fort In Jammu

Bahu Fort In Jammu

Situated along the banks of river Tawi, the grand structure of Bahu Fort is possibly the oldest construction in Jammu. The magnificent waterfalls, green terraced gardens and blooming flowers inside this fort make it one of the most serene forts that you would have ever witnessed.

Originally built by Raja Bahulochan about 3,000 years ago, this fort was later renovated and extended by Dogra rulers. 5 km away from the central part of the city, Bahu Fort is positioned on the left bank of river Tawi.

The Bahu Fort is quite renowned for Maha Kali temple, famous by the name of Bawey Wali Mata, positioned inside its premises. Bawey Wali Mata is the presiding Goddess of Jammu.

The temple of Bawey Wali Mata was constructed in 1822, just after Maharaja Gulab Singh was coronated. It is often called the temple of Mahakali and the deity of this temple is regarded second only to Goddess Vaishno Devi if mystical power is taken into account.

Every Sunday and Tuesday, a huge number of pilgrims come to this temple and take part in "Tawi flowing worship".

In fact, this temple is one of the most esteemed temples of Goddess Kali in India. On the road behind Bahu Fort, amidst the city forest, the temple of Maha Maya stands with grandeur.

This temple overlooks the Tawi river. There is also a small garden which gives a stunning view of the city to the tourists. At present, Bahu Fort is surrounded by an attractive terraced garden. Tourists, as well as city folks, have taken a great liking to this place which often serves as a picnic spot.