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5 Beaches In Goa That Are Best For Honeymoon Couples

5 Beaches In Goa That Are Best For Honeymoon Couples

Goa is a small state in India. It is located in the south-west region and bounded by Maharashtra, Karnataka and Arabian sea, all those places in India that are ideal for spending a vacation. Goa comes with beautiful scenery and wonderful beaches and offers you the most amazing holiday packages ever. With great places to reside and good cultural background, this place offers visitors with tons of activities such as park and playgrounds as well. Especially, it is the best destination for newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoon. One can spend almost 24 hours on the beaches of Goa as they are extremely clean.
 * Mandrem Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Goa for honeymoon couples so far and has a lot to offer. People from all over the country come to see the wonderful environment of this part of Goa (north). The place has got a number of great hotels and resorts as well, and there is a home-like environment built for foreigner and NRI's.

* Agonda Beach

Second, in this list, this is another best beach for honeymoon couple in Goa. This is a beautiful beach in Goa and is called the Agonda Beach. The beach is extremely beautiful and has a number of facilities available for the foreigners. One can easily get lost in the wonders and allure of this beach.

* Querim Beach

Another popular honeymoon destination in Goa is the Querim beach. It might just be the best spot for you. The beach is located in the Northern portion of the city and has a number of nearby popular historical spots as well.

* Morjim Beach

Another popular beach in Goa is Morjim beach and is it claimed to be one of the best beaches in Goa for a honeymoon in the northern part of the city. The beach is also known as mini-Russia for its wonderful environment. You can spot more than hundreds of turtles adsorbing some valuable sun rays on this beach.

* Chapora Beach

The Chapora beach is really popular among the Indians. This is the same beach, where the shooting of a number of Bollywood films was conducted. It can be said that the enormous beauty and size of this beach attracts all the Indians and couples as well. According to a lot of couples who have been there, this is the best beach in Goa for the honeymoon.